Monday, December 10, 2007

Seeing Double?

Today I skipped school (with parental permission!) and went downtown again with my mom and some of our friends. Surprisingly, it wasn't too busy considering the holiday season is literally just around the corner. We ate lunch in the Walnut Room at Macy's, formerly known as Marshall Fields. Like always, the tree was stunning, but I never managed to snap a decent picture of it. The hustle and bustle of getting to and from the train station made it hard to stop and take some really serious photographs, but I did manage to catch this reflection shot while the other women took a bathroom break. The city is beautiful this time of year. It was rather overcast today, so all the Christmas lights were aglow. Stunning. Simply stunning.

Apparently tonight we're supposed to get a big ice storm. Do me a favor and pray for a school cancellation. :)

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Zanne said...

It sounds like a great day playing "hookey". Having lunch under the tree in the Walnut Room is a time honored tradition in the Chicago area. Unfortunately the Macy's switch is a sore subject with most Chicagoans.

The city is a fabulous place for photo shoots but it's quite difficult when the focus of your day is not photography. I find that it's incredibly boring to other people if I'm doing photography. They get quite testy at the thought of stopping every 2 minutes and besides your mind is concentrating on composition, light, camera settings - which doesn't leave much room for conversation!