Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cold November Rain

Day two of blog-- successful! I actually remembered to bring my camera with me on a quick shopping run. November is just whizzing by, isn't it? Normally around this time, my little corner of the woods is already blanketed in a nice white sheet of snow. Not this year. Instead, it's been raining ceaselessly these past few days. Today was no exception; the gray clouds stretch on for miles ad nauseum, and it looks like the sun has gone into hibernation for the winter. Goodbye, sun! See you again in the spring!

This picture was taken at a stop light on the way home from last minute Thanksgiving errands (the bread needed to be picked up from the local bakery, etc). I fumbled with my camera to get a quick snapshot of the rain on my rear-view mirror, while my brother kept an eye on the red light for me; I only had seconds before he anxiously shouted "Green!".

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