Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Sequel of Decay

This image deserves a post, a fleeting piece of immortality that it will never have the chance to see in real life. The location is for sale; it will likely be torn down, its lands ravaged for new developments. Where once a home stood and a family lived, new stores and neighborhoods will grow like weeds, erasing these structures from existence and eventually, from memory.

Abandoned farm houses have a strange presence. Not necessarily a haunted one, but upon entering those forsaken walls, the air is heavier. These places obviously have amazing stories behind them: how did the original owners manage to leave behind their children's toys? their Christmas lights? And most importantly, what happened to them?

Places like this are beautiful. In a haunting way, definitely, but beautiful none-the-less. It breaks my heart to know that soon they won't be with us.

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