Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A full view is probably best for this, otherwise the text is kind of hard to read. This image is a part of my final project for my Photo III class. Our teacher let us take pictures of whatever we wanted, and so I decided to continue with the abandoned places theme. To add a personal twist, I wanted to see if I could manipulate my photos to depict what the world may look like after some sort of apocalypse... It's in the spirit of The Road which is a truly haunting book. Pick it up, if you get a chance. :) The Farmer's Wife introduced me to this location-- it's a beautiful house, despite its advanced stage of decay. The writing on the wall was added in photoshop. I do find the graffiti on abandoned places to be a fascinating subject in itself, but this house didn't have any to display. I didn't have the heart to really deface it, so I had to go to the computer to do my dirty work. I think it came out quite nicely!


Suzanne said...

Wow - that's awesome! I'm pretty unschooled in Photoshop so I wouldn't have a clue on how to add that graffiti. It's a great concept. You are certainly going to get an "A".

patrick said...

"apocalyptic turns to artistic"

thx, glad i stumbled